Brandon Mignacca – Monstercat Silk Showcase Live Set – Toronto, Canada


Brandon Mignacca - Monstercat Silk Showcase Live Set - Toronto, Canada

Experience the inspiring talent of singer, songwriter, and producer Brandon Mignacca in our all-new Monstercat Silk Showcase Live series! Join us for an intimate one-hour set, filmed in Toronto, Canada, as Brandon delivers a mesmerizing performance by blending his vocals with his most popular melodic house & progressive house releases on the label.

Get ready to be entranced by this episode of Monstercat Silk Showcase with Brandon Mignacca! Tune in and let the music take you on a journey you won’t forget!

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🎹 Tracklist:
[00:00] 01 A.M.R & Brandon Mignacca – Fell Out of Love
[04:56] 02 Approaching Black & Brandon Mignacca – One Minute Longer
[07:44] 03 Sound Quelle – Iridescent (feat. Brandon Mignacca)
[10:10] 04 Sound Quelle – Boundless (feat. Brandon Mignacca)
[14:33] 05 Veeshy & Brandon Mignacca – Let Me Down
[19:54] 06 Approaching Black & Brandon Mignacca – Revive
[24:32] 07 Sound Quelle – Ethereal (feat. Brandon Mignacca)
[30:08] 08 Shingo Nakamura & Brandon Mignacca – Darling Midnight
[35:17] 09 Shingo Nakamura & Brandon Mignacca – Darling Midnight (BT Remix)
[36:35] 10 Banaati & Brandon Mignacca – Love Again
[40:33] 11 Banaati & Brandon Mignacca – Hopeful
[43:45] 12 Vintage & Morelli x Brandon Mignacca – Bloom
[49:08] 13 Elypsis & Brandon Mignacca – Searchlight
[53:24] 14 A.M.R & Brandon Mignacca – Only You

Genre: #MelodicHouse #ProgressiveHouse #Monstercat

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🎥 Credits:
Artist: Brandon Mignacca
Venue: OBJX Studio, Toronto
Produced by Monstercat Silk
Video Producer: Jason Neyra
Cameraman: Onur "OC" Cocelli
Editor: Daniel Keen
Photographer: Elle Marie
Sound Recordist: Simon Henley
Sound mastering: Brandon Mignacca
Executive producer: Dan Scarcelli
Brand Director: JP Spanbauer
Monstercat Silk Label Director: Jacob Henry
Monstercat Silk A&R: Max Flyant
#ProgressiveHouse #House #BrandonMignacca

Date: May 23, 2023