Carole Lombard | Made for Each Other (1939) directed by John Cromwell | Colorized Movie


Carole Lombard | Made for Each Other (1939) directed by John Cromwell | Colorized Movie

John Mason, a passionate and ambitious young lawyer, swiftly falls in love with the vivacious Jane and hastily ties the knot. Their blossoming love faces a tumultuous journey as they combat a disapproving mother, financial strain, and the arrival of a baby. Amidst the backdrop of unpaid bills and familial discord, John’s dedication is put to the test when he must plead with his formidable boss, Judge Doolittle, for financial aid. As they navigate the trials of marriage and career, unexpected tragedy strikes, challenging the young couple to confront their deepest vulnerabilities and fight to preserve their love and future together.

Original title: Made for Each Other (1939)
This film is available with English, Italian & German audio options, and subtitled in many languages.

Black & White version:

Director: John Cromwell
Writers: Jo Swerling, Rose Franken
Stars: Carole Lombard, James Stewart, Charles Coburn
Genre: Colorized, Comedy, Drama, Romance

00:00 Full Movie (with subtitles)
00:33 Story of a sudden marriage between John and Jane, leading to unexpected consequences.
09:21 A young couple navigates family expectations, marriage, and new beginnings amidst unexpected circumstances.
16:21 A couple prepares for a dinner party amidst a mix-up in schedules and last-minute chaos.
22:47 A series of events unfold during a dinner party, leading to the announcement of a new associate at a law firm.
30:36 Legal battle ensues over water rights, followed by the joy and challenges of parenthood.
40:02 Struggles in balancing work and personal life, seeking recognition and asserting oneself in a professional setting.
46:43 A conversation between two individuals discussing work-related issues and personal reassurances.
58:06 A New Year’s Eve celebration at home takes an unexpected turn with missing guests and family drama.
1:05:02 Family faces challenges as they struggle with illness and communication breakdown.
1:14:26 A desperate husband seeks serum for his sick baby while facing challenges and emotional turmoil.
1:21:02 Struggles of loneliness, communication breakdown, and family bonds unfold amidst a crisis.


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