Cry Blood, Apache (1970, Western film) Jody McCrea, Marie Gahva, Dan Kemp


Cry Blood, Apache (1970, Western film) Jody McCrea, Marie Gahva, Dan Kemp

Revenge… slow and fatal!
Gang of sadistic cowboys let nothing stand in their way in their search for gold. A former prospector (Joel McCrea, with flashback sequences featuring son Jody) explains the unaliving of a tribe of Indians. The only survivor (Marie Gahua) agrees to lead him to a secret gold mine

Original title: Cry Blood, Apache (1970)
This film has English, Italian & Spanish audio options, and subtitles in many more languages.

Directed by: Jack Starrett & assistant director Robert Tessier
Writers: Sean MacGregor, Harold Roberts
Genres: Drama, Western

Cast :
Jody McCrea as Pitcalin
Joel McCrea as Older Pitcalin
Maria Gahua as Jenne
Dan Kemp as Vittorio
Don Henley as Benjie
Rik Nervik as Billy
Robert Tessier as Two Card Charlie
Jack Starrett as The Deacon
Carolyn Stellar as Cochalla

00:00 Full Movie (with subtitles)
00:07 Tension escalates in a western setting as characters deal with gold and betrayal.
08:55 Drama unfolds in a Western setting as characters navigate through conflicts and decisions.
20:59 A summary of the dialogue and actions in a western film involving various characters and conflicts.
34:15 Negotiations and confrontations unfold between characters in a western setting.
46:11 Conflict arises among a group of individuals over gold, leading to betrayal and violence in the Wild West.
1:00:36 A dramatic scene unfolds as characters search for missing items and face emotional turmoil.
1:09:36 A dramatic western film involving a chase, a snake encounter, and a rescue mission.


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