Fairplay (Western, 1971) Paul Ford, Robert Middleton


Fairplay (Western, 1971) Paul Ford, Robert Middleton

A Western Comedy for the family that laughs together…
A young man heads west to visit his uncle F.O. in a town named Fairplay. There a bit of friction between town locals.

Original title: Fairplay (1971) AKA: Help Stamp Out Fairplay

Director: James A. Sullivan
Writers: Gary Carr
Stars: Paul Ford, Robert Middleton, Terry Wilson
Genres: Western

00:00 Full Movie
12:12 Drama unfolds in a wild west town as hired guns face challenges and unexpected twists.
18:44 Wild West hotel owner warns nephew about rough life and shows off antiques to buyer.
24:54 Interactions between characters in a Western setting involving animals, jewelry, and a hotel.
31:28 In a Western town, plans are made to retire to Paris with stolen money. A gunsmith is tasked with building a Gatling gun for the Mcgills and Purposes.
39:51 A Western film featuring a mysterious death, robbery investigation, and a plan against the villains.
46:54 Conflict arises over marmalade purchase misunderstanding during a tense standoff between two groups.
56:28 Betrayal, deceit, and a quest for redemption unfold in a Western film set in Colorado.
1:05:37 A group of individuals seek a missing piece of a map to a mine, leading to the discovery of a powerful weapon.
1:12:00 A Western movie involving a high-intensity gun, earplugs, and a plan to blow up a building.
1:21:36 Betrayal and conflict arise over a gambling debt in a Western setting.



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