Hollywood Hollywood (1937, Comedy) by Victor Schertzinger | Colorized Movie


Hollywood Hollywood (1937, Comedy) by Victor Schertzinger | Colorized Movie

James Cagney in a drama about Hollywood where private lives are public gossip . . . James Cagney in his latest and greatest picture.
Terry Rooney’s journey to Hollywood as a New York bandleader struggling with a Hollywood studio boss, and the challenges of fame, love, and success in this low budget musical-comedy movie,

Original title: Something to Sing About (1937) AKA: Hollywood Hollywood

Black & White version: https://youtu.be/RTfa6jG3XPM

This film is available with subtitles in many languages.

Director: Victor Schertzinger
Writers: Victor Schertzinger, Austin Parker
Stars: James Cagney, Evelyn Daw, William Frawley
Genres: Classics, Comedy, Musical
Budget: $900,000

00:00 Full Movie
04:03 Terry Rooney says goodbye to his friends and orchestra as he heads to Hollywood to film a movie.
16:18 A frustrated actor struggles with his lines and a demanding director on set.
22:43 A conversation between two people discussing a phone call and preparing for a film scene.
36:41 Terry Rooney has disappeared and his manager is desperate to find him before he learns of his success.
47:33 Terry Rooney’s success in Hollywood causes a dilemma when he discovers he must be single to fulfill his contract.
54:05 Terry and Steffie rehearse a love scene and Terry expresses his feelings for her.
1:01:32 A couple argues about attending a vernissage and the actor’s obligations, leading to tension and a potential separation.
1:16:04 Stephanie Hajos is upset that Terry has refused to pretend to be her fiancé for the sake of publicity and threatens to quit the film.
1:17:22 A couple’s relationship is tested when the husband’s ex-girlfriend comes back into the picture.


Date: February 13, 2024