I’m a Fool (1953) James Dean, Natalie Wood, Ronald Reagan | Short FIlm


I'm a Fool (1953) James Dean, Natalie Wood, Ronald Reagan | Short FIlm

James Dean stars in a heartrending exploration of love, lies, and the journey to maturity.
In this emotional episode of General Electric Theater, a young man recounts his journey to adulthood, marked by the painful realization of the consequences of a youthful lie told to win the heart of a girl. James Dean delivers a captivating performance, portraying the complexities of youth, love, and the harsh lessons of growing up.

Original title: "General Electric Theater" I’m a Fool (1953)

Director: Don Medford
Writers: Sherwood Anderson, Arnold Schulman
Genres: Short Film, Drama

James Dean
Natalie Wood
Ronald Reagan
Eddie Albert
Roy Glenn
Eve March
Gloria Castillo
Fiona Hale

00:00 Full episode (with subtitles).
00:08 Introduction by Ronald Reagan (during his acting phase) 28 years before becoming 40th president of the USA .
01:08 A tale of self-improvement and regret unfolds through a theatrical performance with James Dean and Natalie Wood.
04:59 A young man seeks a job at a stable despite lack of experience, showing determination and willingness to learn.
10:05 A man with $40 in his pocket seeks a new job and encounters an elegant yet boastful individual in a hotel bar.
15:19 A foolish decision regarding a horse race due to family pride and deception.
19:27 Regretful departure and longing for extended time together expressed in conversation between two individuals.



Date: June 18, 2024