Loretta Lynn’s Family Is DESPERATE for Prayers


Loretta Lynn's Family Is DESPERATE for Prayers

Loretta Lynn’s family has turned to God to help get through a serious health crisis.

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Loretta Lynn’s family is hoping the power of prayer can clear a path to good health for a beloved father, grandfather, husband, brother and uncle. “I’m scared. We CAN’t lose him” Crystal Lynn says.

0:00 Loretta Lynn’s family asks for prayers
0:21 Loretta Lynn family tree
0:38 Who is Ernest Ray, Loretta Lynn’s son?
1:09 Here’s what’s wrong
3:08 Emmy Russell on American Idol’s connection
3:50 Fans respond to this news

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Full story: https://tasteofcountry.com/loretta-lynn-son-ernest-hospitalized/

Date: May 2, 2024