Sinners in Paradise (1938, Adventure) Directed by James Whale | Colorized Movie


Sinners in Paradise (1938, Adventure) Directed by James Whale | Colorized Movie

The survivors from a plane crash are washed up on an island where the only inhabitants are Mr. Taylor and his servant, Ping. The mismatched group must learn to get along and work together if they are to convince Taylor to let them borrow his boat and return to the mainland.

Original title: Sinners in Paradise (1938)
This film is subtitled in many languages.

Black & White version:

Director: James Whale
Writers: Lester Cole , Harold Buckley
Stars: Madge Evans, John Boles, Bruce Cabot
Genres: Colorized, Classics, Adventure, Drama, Romance

00:00 Full Movie (with subtitles)
10:32 A group faces a storm while flying over the Pacific Ocean, leading to uncertainty and fear.
15:48 Survivors stranded on an uninhabited island encounter resistance from a mysterious resident.
20:57 Unexpected island companions organize tasks for survival after a plane crash.
26:29 A group of people stranded on an island must decide who gets to leave on a boat with limited space.
36:33 Tragic events unfold as a doctor’s past catches up with him, leading to a woman’s death.
40:43 Discussion on island life, suspicions of criminal past, and plans to reach passing ships.
46:10 A group on an island faces challenges and conflicts while contemplating their future.
50:52 Drama unfolds on a remote island as characters face personal conflicts and strive for a better future together.
57:51 A group stranded on an island burns money, discovers a boat, and plans for the future.
1:01:50 A decision is made to face life’s challenges together instead of running away.


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