Souvenirs | Thriller | Full Movie | Demetri Goritsas | Giorgia Surina | Elisabetta Pellini


Souvenirs | Thriller | Full Movie | Demetri Goritsas | Giorgia Surina | Elisabetta Pellini

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Sebastian Brody is a profiler who works for the FBI. When his wife is killed in front of him by a serial killer who has escaped from prison, whom he had brought to justice sometime before, he leaves everything behind and moves to Sicily. One night, due to a strong storm, the electricity goes out. Sebastian goes into the shed to try to start the generator but, in the darkness, he trips over a cable on the ground, pulling down a metal shelf. He discovers a hidden niche in the wall containing a box with evidence of the murder of six females. The evidence belongs to a serial killer who killed in the area twenty-five years earlier, nicknamed “the Hairdresser” by the press. The evidence found by Sebastian would be his trophies. The killer was never caught and now seems to have returned to strike.

Director: Edoardo Margheriti
Writer: Brian Hurwitz
Stars: Demetri Goritsas, Giorgia Surina, Elisabetta Pellini, Riccardo Festa

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Date: May 17, 2024